D. M. Bourgeois

D. M. Bourgeois is the author of Slipping Into Darkness, a 2021 finalist for The Silver Falchion Award. Her second novel, Misguided Revenge, has been nominated as a 2023 finalist for The Silver Falchion Award.

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D. M. Bourgeois

Aside from being a mother and grandmother, becoming an author is one of my greatest joys. 

An avid reader of mystery and suspense novels and a member of several book clubs, D.M. Bourgeois loves to tell a good story. Taking place in the suburbs of New Orleans, Slipping into Darkness is a novel that will appeal not only to mystery/suspense lovers, but to everyone that enjoys twists and turns that will keep guessing until the end. 

What People are Saying

This book is a page turner, I couldn’t put it down. The book is packed with minor characters, no detail is too small … it’s worth rereading once you’ve finished this novel just to see how well the author has engaged all of the characters, weaving the mundane details of the main characters’ lives into the story as a way of humanizing them.

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Grabs your attention start to finish. This new author has a bright future. This book is a page turned. Once I began reading it I couldn’t wait to finish it. Being from the the New Orleans area same as the author I enjoyed the mentioning of familiar places. Hoping there is a 2nd book to come soon.

Shawn Faucheaux

Silver Falchion 2021 Finalist