Slipping into Darkness


Cursed by an unknown evil, Abby struggles to understand her magnetic attachment to a hundred-year-old walking stick. Spellbound, she revels in the darkness that has hijacked her mind and becomes increasingly dangerous to those closest to her. 

Abby Stewart is an avid walker and lover of nature living in southern Louisiana. Surrounded by hundred-year-old oak trees and historical bayous, her life is blissfully calm and rewarding. Abby and her husband Griff are set in their retirement, surrounded by family and friends, enjoying their well-established hobbies and routines. At least that’s what Abby thinks, until dreams compel her to find the perfect walking stick and a series of peculiar and tragic events begin to unfold. The evil behind these events intensifies as the days pass, and Abby feels it lurking in the shadows of her mind. She soon notices that she is in the center of it all, and as things around her spin out of control she finds herself slipping into darkness. Skeptical of those around her, Abby is fighting to regain control of her life and discover the truth before it’s too late.

Can Abby find her way out of the darkness as the evil begins to take control? Will she discover the truth by relying on those closest to her, or will she succumb to the centuries-old curse? 

Taking place in the suburbs of New Orleans, Slipping Into Darkness is a novel that will appeal not only to mystery/suspense lovers but to everyone that enjoys twists and turns that will keep them guessing until the end.

Misguided Revenge


Tucked away in the small town of Laffite, LA. Fleming Cemetary is notorious for its local folklore and legendary ghost stories. Evan “E. R.” Cortez, a game warden in Lafitte, has been summoned to the Cemetary in the middle of the night by his partner, Liam. When he arrives, Liam’s not there, and E.R. instead finds himself thrust into a web of deceit and misperceptions. He quickly realizes that there may be some truth to the local ghost tales he’s been told all his life. 

As Hurricane Ida barrels toward the Louisiana coast, E. R., with the help of Griff, his grandfather and Charley Ann, a girl Liam was attempting to help when he disappeared, begins to search for Liam. Together they begin to unveil a sinister pot of misguided revenge while racing against time and dangerous conditions. Woefully, E. R. discovers secrets of a tormented past and mistaken identities.

.E. R.’s feelings of anxiety of finding his best friend alive collide with his growing attraction and admiration for Charley Ann, the girl he just met and who may be involved with his best friend. Together, they trace Liam’s final steps and come in contact with other questionable characters and unwelcoming elements of the local swamps and bayous.